GGBA - SF Business Resources

Golden Gate Business Association | 2016


San Francisco Assessor-Recorder Carmen Chu has developed a series of community Fact Sheets to highlight the services/resources their offices provide. This suite of documents are easy-to-understand resource materials for taxpayers. Below are 'thumb nails' which link to individual fact sheets. They are also available on the Assessor-Recorders website.


Please utilize his information to grow your business and ensure you are compliant with City/County of San Francisco guildelines!

Basics of Valuing
Your Property
Value Change Due to
New Construction
Property Tax Savings
for Homeowners
Property Tax
Savings for Seniors
Property Tax Savings: Transfers in Family
Things to Know During Property Transfer
Thinking of
Purchasing a TIC?
Property Tax for All
Business Owners
Contest Your
Property Value
Property Tax 101 for
New Homeowner
Resource Documents for San Francisco Businesses