March 2019 Workshop Topic: Do’s & Don’ts of the Media Interview

The Golden Gate Business Association (GGBA) is proud to present ‘Stand Up. Speak Out!’. A new workshop series designed to teach entrepreneurs, business professionals and community leader become more confident speakers and more effective communicators.

In response to direct requests from GGBA members and guests, ‘Stand Up. Speak Out!’ will now offer early morning workshops. the 1st Wednesday of each month will run from 7:45am (doors open at 7:30) to 8:45am. The 3rd Wednesday of each month will see ‘Stand Up. Speak Out!’ at its current time of 3:30pm (doors open at 3:15) to 4:45 pm. The topic at the 1st and 3rd weeks workshops will be the same, and attendees may attend both sessions if like.

This Workshop is free to all GGBA Members, Partners, and their Staff. Non-GGBA Members can attend two (2) meetings for free as a guest of the GGBA.

’Stand Up. Speak Out!' is a completely new program and approach to communication and presentation skills training. Created specifically for high performing entrepreneurs, business professionals and community leaders, 'Stand Up. Speak Out!' uses real-world scenarios, designed to make you a more effective communicator from your very first session.”

— Gina Grahame
Creator and host.

About the ‘Stand up. Speak Out!' Program

We utilize roleplay and video in our training. The feedback you receive is multi-faceted, provided by your peers as well as the session leader. While these are group sessions, The training and feedback you receive is tailored to you: this focus makes you a more effective speaker quickly. You will literally be a more effective communicator after every session. The more you work with Gina, the more nuanced and skilled you will become.

Each session includes networking before and after, along with refreshments provided by our sponsor, AMSI Real Estate.

What People are Saying

“Gina has an innate ability to develop and present content to any audience with grace and poignancy.  Her engaging process is from a place of authenticity; digestible and duplicate-able.  Thank you, Gina, for coaching me through my presentation!  My confidence level went from a 45 to a 90.“

— Lysa Frankfort
Founder, Financial Fitness School 

“I saw volunteer speakers improve after 15 seconds of feedback from Gina.”

— Geoffrey G

“Gina is the ‘Holy Grail’ of insight on communication strategies, tactics, and going beyond surviving to actually thriving as women & allies in business.”

— Veronica Riglick
Zurich North America 

“The value I received from my first class blew my mind, I could not stop taking notes!”

— Quincy Nelson
Comedian, Motivational Speaker 

Who is Gina Grahame?

Gina has been a professional speaker and coach for over 25 years, with a resume that is unrivaled in her field. Gina’s expertise into how differently the genders communicate and are perceived is from first-hand experience; Gina was a national award winning speaker and actor as male, and then reached even higher success as a speaker, businessperson, and coach after her gender transition to female.

Career highlights include:

  • National award in Extemporaneous Speaking from the Business Professionals of America
  • Semi-finalist in the World Championships of Public Speaking by Toastmasters International
  • Three national tours as a Narrating Engineer for Dodge Truck Engines and  spokesperson for Chrysler.
  • Pitched to VC's and secured $250k in seed funding
  • Given sales presentations to companies of all sizes, from tool & die shops in Detroit to tech startups in San Francisco, including Fortune 500 companies in technology, automotive, advanced manufacturing, banking & finance
  • Coached executives, scientists, salespeople, non-profit leaders, aspiring speakers, politicians, life coaches, and college students in Personal Authenticity and Presentation Skills training
  • Given keynote speeches, hosted breakout sessions, participated in and moderated panels at tech, lifestyle, and women’s empowerment conferences in Personal Authenticity and in Presentation Skills training

JOIN US ON OUR NEXT WORKSHOP ON March 20: 3:15pm - 4:45pm



Office of the Small Business Administration 455 Market Street (on Market & 1st Street) 6th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105

Date and time

Wednesday March 20, 2019, 3:15 pm to 4:45 pm

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Free to GGBA Members, Partners and their staff Guests are welcome and may attend two (2) meetings free of charge

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