The GGBA's Power Lunch series launched in 2015 to showcase extraordinary LGBT entrepreneurs, high performing LGBT businesses and key stakeholders who are transforming the world.  Since its inception the Power Lunch has achieved national recognition for its ability to tell compelling stories of triumph over adversity, community empowerment and the commitment to economic prosperity.

​Power Lunch V - Bridges will celebrate the GGBA's commitment to building bridges across economic, geographic, cultural, and inter-community boundaries throughout the last 44 years. As the world?s first LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, GGBA, through Power Lunch V: Bridges, will showcase several extraordinary people who personify our community's ability to expand opportunities, build collaborations, strengthen existing relationships and  forge new and forward-thinking initiatives that lead to sustainable economic growth for our community and our businesses.

Join us we honor three outstanding individuals:

Juan P. Novello
Senior Vice President 
California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce

Juan P. Novello serves as Senior Vice President at the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce where he manages the operations and internal strategy; and engages with Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, Businesses Associations, Corporations, and Elected officials throughout California.

César Casas Ferrer
President & Founder 
Mexican Federation of LGBT Business

César Casas Ferrer is the President and Founder of Mexican Federation of LGBT Business (Federación Mexicana de Empresarios LGBT) FME-LGBT.

A serial entrepreneur acting as Director in several companies ranging from pet accesories to digital media, advertising, PR and movie production; Mr. Casas has a masters degree on Communications, PR and Protocol as well as major studies on advertising, design, multimedia communications and arts.

Rikke Hennum
Campaign Manager 
United Nations Free and Equal Campaign

The United Nations was created to strengthen the bonds of international cooperation around shared interests and values. It is the one place where all countries and citizens can unite behind collective action to address our greatest challenges and deliver a better world for all. The UN Foundation supports the UN?s ability to tackle these challenges and harness opportunities for the benefit of all humanity. As we head deeper into the 21st century, this task is more urgent than ever.


Location and Registration to be announced December 1, 2018




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Friday, February 1, 2019, 11:30 am to 2:00 pm

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