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LGBTs begin returning home after fires

North Bay LGBTs hit hard by the firestorm that ripped through the heart of wine country began returning home as evacuation orders were lifted and firefighters gained control more than a week after what has now become the worst fires in California’s history.

As of Wednesday, the death toll stood at 42, officials said, and includes one person who died at a hospital of smoke inhalation.

Firefighters from throughout the state were joined by those from outside California – including Australia and Canada – to help contain the wildfires, which were mostly in Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma counties.

Some people continued to wait anxiously as their homes were in the path of the Nuns and Oakmont fires. By Wednesday, the Nuns Fire, which threatened the Robert Mondavi Winery, was 80 percent contained. The Tubbs Fire was 91 percent contained.