Member Spotlight: Perform for Life

Dr. Krystal Drwencke, VP of membership, GGBA



How did Perform for Life get started?

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Bryant Sharifi, had been working in the fitness industry for 7 years when he decided to ditch the corporate model and create something that was in line with his values. He and wife Justine, who was working as a Registered Nurse at the time, imagined a gym that was the perfect marriage between creating a welcoming community for clients and a home for true technicians who desire to improve their craft. Rather than the trainer emphasizing sales, they could focus on education and evidence based practice in order to deliver a personalized quality service. In 2014 co-founders Bryant and Justine opened Perform for Life, and with their vision, are dedicated to leaving the industry better than they found it.

Is P4L just a gym?

To us and to many others, P4L is a second home. Everyone is welcome, and we pride ourselves on meeting our athletes and clients where they are at. Whether you’ve been working out all your life or you’re just starting out, you’re welcome in our family.

What type of people do you work best with?

We don’t really have one type of client. The best people to work with are those who have recognized that health is wealth. You only have one body- instead of waiting for your body to break down, we believe in strengthening or repairing it to help you perform better in sport, work, and most importantly life. We realize their is a huge emphasis on body image in the media but we have an evolved emphasis at P4L- and look at it as a lifestyle approach. I think where we can especially make a big impact on are those who have had injuries and want to get back to having a better quality of life doing things they love,

or people just starting to make fitness a part of their lifestyle. At P4L, we specialize in building your body from the inside out.

What does being a GGBA member mean to you?

Many members in our community identify as LGBTQ+, so being a GGBA member holds a special place in our hearts. It’s another form of community and an inclusive, supportive environment.

Do you have any advice for new businesses that are in start-up mode?

1) Start with a vision that is true to your heart and soul and really be genuine about it. Your “tribe” will come to you and appreciate what you have to offer, so stay true to yourself. You will make plenty of mistakes along the way. Embrace them and learn from them- being resilient is the only way to grow your business and your dream. Be bold, take action and always strive to deliver exceptional service.

2) Also, develop a business that has a few “onlys” within your competition so that you really stand out and there is no competition! For example, we are the only team of personal trainers in San Francisco (and maybe beyond) who all have degrees in Kinesiology/Exercise Science and are certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and Certified Corrective Exercise Specialists.

Be sure to catch more of Bryant and Justine at the upcoming Make Contact on August 8th!

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