Sonoma County Pride Parade and Vendor Online Registration is Now Open!

Sonoma County Pride Parade and Vendor Online Registration is Now Open!


LOVE (luhv) Verb: (1) to Hold Dear (2) Cherish, (3) to Have Compassion for (as in humanity)

In 1967, reflecting generational change, thousands of young people from around the country descended on the bay area for the Summer of Love. Our world changed that summer.

Today we live in a world ever more culturally and politically divided. Technology and social media have allowed fake news to spread and social media creates echo chambers where we only see and hear the views we already agree with. As a result of the growing division in our culture, discrimination and incidents of hate are increasing at an alarming pace.

Sonoma County Pride invites you to join us as we push all of that aside and celebrate and nurture the one thing that can defeat Hate – LOVE. As The Beatles once sang, All You Need is Love.

Each of our Pride weekend events has a Love theme. We encourage our participants to embrace the theme in their own unique way and show the world your LOVE!

Vendors at the Festival in Old Courthouse Square will interact with over 3000 attendees. We are recruiting a wide range of exhibiters/vendors to enrich our guests’ experience by sharing information about their non-profit or cause, showcase their products or services, or sell one-of-a-kind merchandise. We encourage our festival exhibitors/vendors to consider interactive activities and decorate their spaces with bright colors and spread the LOVE!

With the addition of events during pride weekend and the expansion of the festival to include two live entertainment stages, Sonoma County Pride will be action-packed, diverse with attendees from all walks of life. It’s a recipe for success.  The only ingredient missing is YOU…

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We look forward to seeing you at Sonoma County Pride!

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