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Talking GGBA with the Log Cabin Republicans

I recently had the pleasure of talking about the GGBA to the Log Cabin Republicans of San Francisco. The Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) are the largest Republican organization representing LGBT conservatives and allies, and the San Francisco chapter has been active since 1977.


I’d been looking forward to this evening since Fred Schein, current president of the Marin County chapter, and three-time past president of the San Francisco chapter, invited me to speak about how the possible intersectionality of our two organizations.

what’s the political makeup of the GGBA membership?” an LCR member asked.

“I really don’t know; that’s not something we ask our members.” I answered.

It’s fair to say that significant percentage of our membership is socially liberal, but there’s no litmus test as the GGBA is a business association, not a political organization. We support political initiatives that align with our mission of championing opportunity, development, and advocacy for our LGBTQ & Allied business community. But the GGBA does not endorse specific candidates.

‘Diversity’ is more than the theme of the upcoming Power Lunch VI in March, 2020; it’s also an organizational guiding principle. GGBA members identify across a spectrum of genders, sexual, cultural, and political identities and affiliations.

I was happy to see that our message of inclusivity was welcomed, and I look forward to seeing what crossover will occur in the months to come.

To our shared success!