Toastmasters Presents One of the Best Public Speaking Classes in San Francisco

Whether you’re giving a sales presentation to a potential client, leading a meeting, managing colleagues or projects, the ability to communicate effectively is a fundamental skill for business and personal success.

The GGBA Business Toastmasters is here to help you:

We meet twice each month in a casual, interactive, and fun atmosphere. Our Fresh coffee and pastries are from Equator Coffee & Teas and brought to you by our sponsor, AMSI: full service real estate brokerage and property management. 

Helping to lead GGBA Toastmasters is our club President, Gina Grahame; semi-finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking of Toastmasters and national award winner for Extemporaneous Speaking. 

GGBA Business Toastmasters provides our LGBTQ & allied members, partners, and their employees, with the full Toastmasters curriculum, including the ability to compete in Toastmaster speech contests. You’ll receive incisive feedback from other members, and you control the content and pace of your progress.

Plus, we are focused specifically on the communication needs and interactions, specific to your business; the real-life scenarios you and your employees face each day with colleagues, customers, reports and management. 

Learn and practice how to:

• Control nervousness
• Speak with confidence
• Start and end your presentation with impact
• Eliminate filler words such as “um’s”, “ah’s”, “like” and more
• Create effective visuals that support your presentation


Office of the Small Business Association
455 Market Street (on Market & 1st Street)
6th Floor
San Francisco, CA  94105

Ph. 415 744-6820


1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month 
8:00am – 9:15am sharp

Fresh coffee and pastries served

Gina Grahame — Club President

Corporate Trainer / Executive Presentation Training for Women, Gina Grahame Presents

Creator of the ‘be authentacious’® Personal Empowerment movement

GGBA – VP of Partnerships and Board Member

  • World Championship of Public Speaking Semi-finalist, Toastmasters International
  • National Winner of Extemporaneous Speaking, Business Professionals of America

Ce: 415.572.1324


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