The Golden Gate Business Association (GGBA) is the first business organization founded by LGBT entrepreneurs. The GGBA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit, membership-driven organization consisting of over 350 business entities, community organizations and individuals.

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Golden Gate Business Association | 2015


Latest Events

In the Fall of 2014 Christopher Dydyk (Christopher Dydyk Fine Art Photography) took the GGBA up on its invitation to meet with key members of the Super Bowl 50's Business Connect Program.  It was at that event that the GGBA introduced him to Stephanie Martin who serves as the Communications Director for the Super Bowl Planning Committee.  From that point on it was never going to be 'business as usual' for Christopher. 
After getting LGBTBE Certified (an easy process, in his own words) Christopher began to receive multiple requests from the Super Bowl 50 Team to hire him for his photography services. Six months later, and many contracts later, Christopher's work has found its way to the cover of the San Francisco Business Times! (July 24, 2015).
It started with an introduction... now he's got it covered!

"This has been outstanding for my business" stated Dydyk.  "Not only has the Super Bowl 50 been a significant boost for my business but appearing on a major trade publication like the San Francisco Business Times provides me with fantastic exposure to gain additional clients" he added. "If I were to trace it back..... it really started because I was an active member of the GGBA..... and I was introduced to all the right people at the SB50.  From there I followed the advice the GGBA provided, worked to build my relationships with the key people at SB50, exceeded the expectations on each of my contracts and here I am getting even more work! It's been fantastic and there are seven more months to go before the Big Event!  Thank you, GGBA!" he stated.