A leading advocate for LGBT Businesses in the San Francisco bay area since 1974

Our mission is to champion opportunity, development, and advocacy for our LGBTQ & Allied business community.

We create opportunity for marketing, networking, procurement, and referral-based business growth; programs that support development of business skills and expertise through workshops and seminars; and we advocate for positive economic, social, and political change.

  • Opportunity for marketing, networking, procurement, and referral-based business growth
  • Development of business skills and expertise through workshops and seminars
  • Advocate for positive economic, social, and political change
  • The largest San Francisco Bay Area LGBTQ business advocate organization


We envision an economically empowered San Francisco Bay Area LGBT business community that inspires others.

We will empower our small business entrepreneurs and professionals, collaborate with nonprofit advocates, and engage with business and civic leaders to support policies that foster a more inclusive and welcoming business community.


Our values are inherent to our identity as an organization. They guide the way we work with our members, our community, and with each other. GGBA key values are: SERVICE, LEADERSHIP, PASSION, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION, and SUCCESS. Through these values, GGBA looks to support a culture where ideas can blossom, individuals can thrive, and our entrepreneurial spirit can flourish.


As a Bay Area LGBT business advocate, we work to serve our Members and Partners exceptionally:

  • Plan exceptional service models
  • Communicate and provide exceptional service
  • Recover exceptional service


We are responsive leaders for our LGBT business community

  • Demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics
  • Collaborate to accomplish more than what could be achieved individually
  • Listen to others for understanding to make informed decisions
  • Assume positive intent
  • Be accountable to and for one another’s actions and results
  • Develop future leaders


We are passionate about our Chamber, our Members, and our Community

  • Promote a contagiously positive, energizing, optimistic, and fun atmosphere
  • Drive support for economic empowerment and equality
  • Take pride in the work we do


We welcome a membership that is as diverse as the region in which we live

  • Collaborate with diverse business communities and organizations
  • Infuse an inclusive culture in everything we do
  • Reflect the diversity of our membership in leadership opportunities


We love success!

  • Recognize the hard work of Volunteers and Staff
  • Support Members to reach their objectives and commend them when they succeed

GGBA uses its affiliation with the following organizations to build recognition for today’s vibrant LGBT business community and to foster the growth of similar organizations throughout the world:

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