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NGLCC Applauds Biden Administration LGBTQ Non-Discrimination Order on Day 1

Statement from NGLCC Co-Founders Justin Nelson & Chance Mitchell:

The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), the business voice of the LGBT community, is pleased to hear that among President Joe Biden’s first acts is an Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.

NGLCC couldn’t agree more with the EO’s fact sheet which states: “All persons should receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation..The Biden-Harris Administration will prevent and combat discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.”

This early policy announcement defending the dignity and value of all LGBT workers further cements the Biden-Harris Administration as the most diverse and most pro-LGBTQ in American history— which were among the many reasons for NGLCC’s endorsement of their campaign in 2020.

Much like the order signed in 2014 by President Obama, this is one of the most ‘pro-business’ decisions the president can make. Access to work and economic advancement is a basic and fundamental principle of what makes the U.S. economy strong and resilient. With today’s executive order, President Biden has greatly added to his outstanding legacy to making America stronger for all and ensuring we build back better as inclusively as possible.

We are encouraged that this EO will soon be supported by further action, both administrative and legislative, to ensure businesses owned by LGBT people have equal access to federal procurement opportunities. NGLCC looks forward to working with the Biden administration to make this a reality and will continue to advocate aggressively for these businesses to have every opportunity to compete for federal contracts.

The president rightly acknowledges with today’s announcement that LGBT employees need protection. The next logical step is to recognize that those who are LGBT and own businesses also are worthy of similar opportunities when seeking government contracts, as Governors, Mayors, and government agency leaders across America are affirming every day.

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